Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Concrete vs. Granite. No comparison necessary

Everyone always wants to compare concrete to granite, or quartz or whatever they feel like.  To me, there is no comparison.  All the other choices are exactly that, choices.  Compare those to each other all day for all I care.  But not to concrete

Concrete is a lifestyle!  Concrete is for the forward thinkers, the non conformers, the radicals! Concrete is chosen because some people still place a value on handmade, organic, imperfect, customizable as well as supporting small business.  To me no other "option" can compete.

 Concrete can be elegant, warm, soft, and inviting.  Not the concrete of old, drab, gray, and driven upon.   Concrete in the hands of me and my fellow artisans, can be beautiful, awe inspiring, and down right Sexy!  Yeah that's right my concrete is sexy!  Is your quartz sexy?  I tend to think not.

Concrete is not for everybody. If it was it would be called Granite!

If you would like to add a little sexy to your home or business, give the Concrete Craftsman a call or drop by the website for a peek at some Awe inspiring concrete.

Paul Neall
(831) 713-9598

A recent custom Concrete Ramp sink install in Portola Valley, ca.  Concrete Craftsman services the entire bay area, including san francisco, silicon valley and reaching down to monterey and carmel

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